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Let's go fishing!

Our wilderness is an angler’s paradise–from the Purgatoire River and Trinidad Lake State Park to Monument, Blue, and Bear lakes–with opportunity to catch largemouth bass, rainbow trout, channel catfish, walleye, crappie, wipers, smallmouth bass, and perch.

Expert Guides

Carlos, David, and Shawn are fly fishing experts and know the best spots Southern Colorado has to offer.

Trips and Lessons

We offer full and half day fishing trips for up to 4 people. And we're affordable, with trips starting at $250.

Gear Up

We carry everything you need: poles, flies, waders, tippet, leaders, fly boxes, nets, and more from leading brands like Orvis and Scientific Angler.​

Please note: we only allow catch-and-release. ​

Fly Fishing Trips, Classes, and Pricing

We offer half and full day guided fishing trips, fly fishing lessons, and winter/ice fishing trips. 


If you have any questions, please email us at booking@fisherspeakoutfitters or call 719-422-8223. 


Please note: 

  • Everyone must have a valid Colorado fishing license, which you can purchase from the shop. 
  • Price does not include a tip/gratuity for the guide. 
  • We only allow catch-and-release 

Full Day Fishing Trip

The full day fishing trip is an eight hour trip from 9am to 5pm, lunch included. The trip includes use of equipment, terminal tackle, and each participant will also receive their own handpicked flys and fly box. 


1 person: $350 
2 people: $425 
3 people: $475


Please give us 24 hours notice of any dietary restrictions or allergies for lunch.

Half Day Fishing Trip

A four hour trip from 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm. 

The trip includes use of equipment, terminal tackle, and each participant will also receive their own handpicked flys and fly box. 


1 person: $250 
2 people: $325 
3 people: $375

Fly Fishing Lesson

Learn the basics in our 2-hour Fly Fishing Lesson. Our experts will teach you about the equipment, how to tie knots, and how to set up rigging. Then you will learn casting principles and techniques.



The lesson includes the use of fly rods and instructional materials. It does not include flys or a fishing license, but both can be purchased from the shop.


1-3 people: $100

Winter / Ice Fishing

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop fishing! We can fish year-round in Southern Colorado–we just need to switch our tactics. Winter trips are fully dependent on the weather: if the ice is thick your trip will be primarily ice fishing, if the ice is unsafe you will have an alternate fishing experience. 



Half day and full day trips and their prices are the same as above. 


Available December 1st through the end of February. 

Our Guides

Carlos Lopez

Carlos is a Trinidadian and enjoys spin casting, deep sea and fly fishing.  

“I want all of our guests to know the joy that I have experienced by being out in nature, breathing in clean air while landing these beautiful creatures in their nets.”  

David Auth

David is an outdoor enthusiast and avid fisher. Whether fishing solo or with a group of others he has always enjoyed the time he gets to spend casting a line into the water. 


“From fly fishing to ice fishing I love chasing fish and hope I can pass that on to people I fish with.” 

Shawn Barrett

Shawn Barrett is a born and raised Trinidad local and has been fishing for 15 years. He believes that anyone can learn the joys of fishing and is excited to teach.  


“When I’m on the lake or river- that’s my happy place. I feel at peace.” 


304 W Main St, Trinidad, CO 81082

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